Netspirits l YouTube Custom Gadget l Social Media Video Marketing

I produced a YouTube Custom Gadget for the Cologne Online Marketing Agency netspirits.

My work included the editing, keying and animation/ motion graphics of Netspirits own
YouTube Custom Gadget.

The concept and live action footage (green screen production) was produced by domain-film.

Netspirits YouTube Custom Gadget

What is YouTube Custom Gadget?

If a brand so desires, they can work with YouTube to add a custom-designed,
interactive application (called a "Gadget") their main channel which presents
a different default landing page interface for users who visit their channel.

You can reprogram specifically your own YouTube channel. This opened up
unprecedented opportunities for YouTube marketeers. The successful format
is used for campaigns placed on YouTube . As this film shows, it is possible to
escape from the otherwise rigid layout grid from YouTube.
This funny and amazing effects were triggered. Suddenly, the protagonist of
the video window reaches out and is beyond the scope of what is possible.